Sketches and side projects

20 Dec

To view my sketches please click on the link below.

Joy sketches and side projects

New Demo Reel

8 Nov

Please email me at for the latest demo reel. Thanks!

Figure Drawing at NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia

15 May

Figure Drawing done on 08 May 2011

Concept Design for Wings

15 May

A few pages of my concept design for my short film, Wings. Created in 2008.

Demo Reel is up!

22 Apr

My demo reel and resume is available for viewing. Please click on the links above to view them.


More practice stuffs

29 Nov

Ninja Kid

29 Nov

Is been a while I wanted to make myself another puppet. So here it is. Ninja Kid! I am grateful for all the advice everyone at Shadow have been giving me. Thank y’all. It is not a great puppet as i encounter several problems while doing a test jump on it but it sure is fun and a great learning experience!


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